Chassis Aligning Benches

Globaljig Koala

Product Description

Koala is a small straightening bench with great versatility and potential. Suitable for all situations of “Fast Repair”, currently so important.
In fact, in addition to the standard equipment which includes 4 anchoring clamps, pulling tower and 4 wheel stands, the Koala can accommodate a
number of accessories from the GLOBALJIG Universal System. For example, the McPherson measuring bridge (E121) for the control of the McPherson
shock absorbers can easily be mounted and used, as well as anchorages for Mercedes vehicles (D223/7). Koala will accommodate various measuring
systems, electronic or mechanical, produced by Globaljig International or other manufacturers. These can easily be utilised thanks to the variable height
between the Koala bench and the underbody of the vehicle to be repaired, without compromising the pulling capability.
The Koala can also be supplied as a flush fitted version, with a cover to be able to utilise the available space in the workshop when the bench is not in
use. The Koala can be used for all aspects of body repair including: Diagnosis for evaluation and estimating, stripping and re-assembly of vehicles, as a
lift for re-finishing and touch-up, and as a wheel-free lift for use with wheel-alignment systems.


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